Virgin Snow

God has placed in each of us a drive for significance and legacy. We want to know we matter. But all too often we look for purpose “in all the wrong places.” A healthy 401K, a shelf of trophies, a certificate that says Man or Woman of the Year.

It’s not that achievements and awards lack importance, but in the end, it will be the eternal characteristics of God’s nature — distinctly engraved on us — that produce the enduring meaning we long for. Virgin Snow gives a biblical perspective of how marks that last are developed through our everyday circumstances and challenges.

From the foundational mark of truth to the mark of eternity, each chapter explores a particular attribute and gives the reader practical ways to apply the principles to his or her life.

We look at how to develop the mark of trust when disappointment comes. We learn how mothers demonstrate the mark of compassion for all believers to emulate. We listen again to the words of Jesus on the cross, and are encouraged to persevere through suffering.

Virgin Snow allows individuals to go beyond cursory reading by providing insightful discussion questions at the end of each chapter that will challenge them to dig deeper in personal application of the principles being addressed.

Post by Becky Toews.