God’s Megaphones

2 Corinthians 5:20 “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.”

How we see ourselves affects our influence in the world. Do we view ourselves as someone through whom God makes his appeal? As envoys sent by God to represent him? As those who have access to his spirit to accomplish his work? The importance of what we believe about ourselves can’t be overestimated.

We have more opportunities to let him “make his appeal” through us than we think. He uses each of us differently. When the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, many on the team were outspoken in their praise to God for bringing them to that point. Their victory provided a giant megaphone through which they could make their appeal by giving him the glory for their success. Other megaphones might not be quite that big, but whenever we quietly tell someone what God has done in our lives, we become ambassadors making his appeal. Don’t let the size of the megaphone deter you.

Scripture clearly states we are ambassadors. God has called us to speak for him. He desires to make his case to an unbelieving world through us. He wants us to warn them about the consequences of not being reconciled to their Maker. We are his Plan A, Plan B, Plan C……you get the picture. The Church is God’s means of bringing people to himself.

We amplify the voice of God every time we bring faith into our situations. I recently heard a speaker say our problem is not in what we’re doing but in what we’re believing. When I enter my classrooms, do I believe I am there to speak for God even though I’m evaluating speeches? When I go to my small group or the grocery store or the hairdresser do I believe the Hope of Glory walks in the door with me?

Faith-infused actions help other people hear God. We don’t have to win a Super Bowl or preach on a street corner to be God’s ambassador. We simply have to do what he calls us to do in faith. That faith paves the way for him to make his appeal through us.

So how about you?  Are you using your megaphone for God?

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