An Angelic Lift

Hebrews 1:14 “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?”

I’m not sure whether I’ve ever seen an angel, but one experience has caused me to wonder.

Chip and I were students in Switzerland at L’Abri studying under Francis Schaeffer. We didn’t have much money, so we decided to hitchhike to Lausanne on our day off to explore the city. But as we stood by the side of the road with our thumbs out, the clouds darkened and a storm started to break through. Right then, an older woman pulled off the road and motioned for us to get in her car. She spoke French; we spoke English, but somehow, she understood where we were going. We traveled with her a short distance when she took a turn in the road and pulled up to a train station. She indicated we should catch a train to avoid the downpour. She then handed us money for the fare. It was the exact amount we would need, not only for the ticket to Lausanne, but also for the trip back.

We stood dumbfounded. What just happened? Our hearts full of gratitude, we continued our journey but as we looked back at the unusual circumstance we both wondered if it was possible our benefactor was an angel in disguise. (And this was before Touched by an Angel popularized angelic visitations as somewhat common).

The author of Hebrews describes angels as alive and active in human activity. These heavenly beings are sent by God to minister to us. The psalmist calls angels the mighty ones who do God’s bidding (Psalm 103:20).

Billy Graham says believers should be comforted in knowing “angels are nearer than we think.” Pastor Tim Keller says, “Angels live among us. Sometimes they hide their wings, but there is no disguising the peace and hope they bring.” Joel Miller, author of Lifted by Angels, writes that the early church fathers readily acknowledged angels as moving in our daily lives.

So how are we to think about angels? Although we shouldn’t become obsessed with either angels or demons, I wonder if God wants us to be more aware of them. It might help us to realize our supernatural God sends supernatural agents to help us. Maybe they even come in the form of an elderly woman driving a car.

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