Nothing Left Undone

Joshua 11:15 “As the Lord commanded his servant Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did it; he left nothing undone of all that the Lord commanded Moses.”

I love those days when everything falls into place. Items on my list checked-off, all tasks completed. To the best of my awareness I’ve finished whatever God assigned, whether critiquing students’ speeches or enjoying coffee with a friend, picking up groceries or running the vacuum cleaner, spending time in the prayer room or time on the computer. The “lines fall in pleasant places” as the Psalmist describes.

But sometimes, those pleasantly-placed lines become blurred. It seems more like I’m swimming in a sea of frustration. I begin to compare myself, mostly with myself. I’m not doing as much as I used to do. Am I committing sins of omission? Am I failing to give where I should be giving? Am I sacrificing enough time…money…effort?

When Joshua and his army began the conquest of Canaan, God promised to be with them. After only seven months of fighting (and 40 years of preparation) they subdued over 31 kings, securing enough land to begin the distribution to the twelve tribes. God was pleased with Joshua. He had followed all of God’s commands; scripture says Joshua “left nothing undone.” Yet there remained large tracks of land to be taken. Battles yet to be fought. Victories to be won. The tribes were given the task of fortifying their own borders. Not Joshua.

You’ve heard of the Peter Principle? Joshua did not suffer from it. He stayed in his lane throughout life, not burdening himself with jobs unassigned to him. He simply, yet profoundly, followed what God told him to do.

I think that’s the key for us if we hope to live satisfied lives. When we yield to God’s will and not let it be diluted with either our own agenda or others’ expectations, when we accept that different seasons in life carry different responsibilities, and when we trust God will show us if more is to be done, we can, as did Joshua, find “rest.”

That’s what God desires for each of us. When my weary soul gets ahold of that, and I recognize such grace, mercy and goodness, the only thing left undone is…me.

How about you? Are you resting in God’s plan?


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