Miracles in the Making

Mathew 8:27 “The men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!”

Lake Erie would never be mistaken for the Atlantic Ocean, but I might have thought I was at Acadia in Maine rather than Marblehead, Ohio. The usually calm body of water seemed infused with a furious mission. Its waves came crashing on the rocks, sending spray over the jutting pier and beyond. I have to say it’s awe-inspiring when the ocean acts like the ocean—whether on the shores of San Diego or the Outer Banks—but when a lake acts like the ocean, it’s downright breathtaking.

I’m sure Lake Erie finds contentment in being a lake, one of the Great ones, no less. The ocean-like display did not rise out of rebellion. Just obedience to the One who commands the winds and waves. Only man, the highest form of God’s creation, rebels. A rebellion that most profoundly manifests itself in trying to be what we’re not. We’re oceans who would rather be lazy streams or country creeks striving to be the Mississippi River.

When Jesus calmed the raging sea threatening to capsize their tiny fishing boat, his disciples’ mouths dropped open. How did he do that? Who is he? He was just the Son of God being the Son of God. The sea yielded to him as he yielded to his Father. And it created a miracle.

We are miracles in the making when we yield to our Creator as well. The potential of a human soul surrendered to its Maker is limitless, beautiful and unbelievably fulfilling. It rips through our tendencies to compare ourselves with others. It assures us our value rests on who God says we are, not anyone else.

Do you realize we can bring him glory today by just being us? He calls some to be waterfalls tucked away in the forest ready to dazzle unsuspecting hikers with a cascade of His love. Others are roaring Lake Erie waves sounding warning where it might not be expected. Some of us are cups of cold water offered to the weary. If acted in obedience to the Lord, no one act carries more significance than the other.

Psalm 93:3 declares “The seas have lifted up their voice…” How about we join the chorus?

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