How Do You Spell Oblivious?

obliviousMatthew 28:20 “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” [ESV]

Oblivious: B-e-c-k-y T-o-e-w-s. That’s how I wound up spelling it.

When we picked our son Josiah and his girlfriend Lauren up at the airport last Thanksgiving, the first thing I looked for was a ring on her left hand. My husband and I both suspected he would announce their engagement. But…no ring. Not to be dissuaded, I figured he might announce it at the Thanksgiving dinner when everyone at the table relates something for which they are thankful. When Josiah’s turn came and he shared he was grateful for God’s sovereignty, I concluded we must have missed it.

The night after Thanksgiving we decided to take the whole family out for dinner. Josiah told us he and Lauren were going for a hike and would meet the rest of us at the restaurant. When we all finally arrived and sat down, I noticed how unusually animated they both were. They couldn’t stop smiling. (You can probably guess where this is going; I remained clueless). I took a picture of everyone at the table, not giving a second thought as to how Lauren held her left hand predominately to the camera. Nor did I take notice when she helped me pour water with her left hand. She sat next to me throughout the whole meal but I was oblivious until the end. When I at last noticed the beautiful rose gold ring on her left hand, I looked at my son, he nodded and we all broke into cheers and laughter.

So how could I be so oblivious?

Because the announcement didn’t take place when I thought it would, I assumed it was not going to happen. Evidently, I locked into that mindset. So much so that I missed the obvious.

I think I might do the same with God at times. I limit my awareness of his presence to morning devotions or worship gatherings. I become oblivious to his presence in other settings. When I’m driving or grocery shopping or cleaning the house, do I look for him? How about when I’m struggling or feeling lonely?

Jesus promises he will always be with us, even to the end of the age. Do you ever forget that precious truth? At Thanksgiving…and always…don’t let your name spell oblivious.






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