It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

grandpa-grandma-001Mark 10:9 “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Grandpa Creech was a great storyteller. The story he most often loved to tell revealed his deep affection for Grandma….

After Grandpa returned home from the army, he was nearing his old homeplace when he spotted a woman in a shining red dress working in his uncle’s chipyard. He liked to describe how his heart started beating fast and his breath shortened as he heard the voice of the Lord say, “This is the one.” They married not long after.

They were an unlikely match, personality wise. Grandpa enjoyed being around people. He loved talking with just about everyone he met. Grandma was shy and reserved, lacking the ease in front of people that came easily to Grandpa.

It was the commonality of a deep personal faith in God that cemented the bond between them….

It carried them through over 70 years of marriage. They walked together through all the ups and downs of his being a country preacher while maintaining a full time job as a telephone lineman. They walked together when their son rejected everything they’d instilled in him to pursue a path marked with divorce and heartache. They walked together in joy when years later their boy, at age 65, returned to the faith. They walked together when the daughter they so deeply loved died unexpectedly in her late 40’s.  They walked together, taking their grandchildren on vacations. They walked together when Grandma began experiencing Alzheimer’s and had to go to a nursing home. They walked together when Grandpa refused to leave her side and moved into the facility to be next to her.

Grandma and Grandpa knew marriage was a marathon, not a sprint. They never once considered their commitment to be for anything less than the long haul. They learned through the joys and sorrows of life…they were better together.

I wish more couples today ran their race the way Grandma and Grandpa did. I wish they wouldn’t run out of breath before reaching the finish line. I wish they looked to God for strength to help them reach new vistas of forgiveness and selflessness when they’ve exhausted their own capabilities.

If you are married, I pray you choose to persevere through the rough patches. God has joined you together for a powerful purpose. Many are looking in desperation to see if marathon couples really exist. Show them they do….


8 Replies to “It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint”

  1. Becky, thank you for sharing about your Grandma & Grandpa. Jenny was my Dad’s sister & I spent many nights at their house. They both were certainly gems. They helped to mold my life for sure.

    • Thank you Helen.I received your request for a copy of my book. I have it ready to send so you should be getting it soon. Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy it. No one had a greater impact on my spiritual life than Grandma and grandpa

  2. Becky I remember both of them fondly, they were great people. I also remember your great grandmother too, she was such a sweet person too.

  3. I was so glad I got to see this. I have wondered about you so many times over the years. Where you were and what you were doing. I remember your grandparents well. Such wonderful people.

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