Resounding Joy

resounding joyLuke 2:10 “And the angel said to them, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people….’”

Sometimes my mind feels like a pinball machine. Spring-loaded thoughts dart, spin and flip everywhere looking for a place to land. Emotions ranging from ecstasy to grief rise and fall like those little raucous silver balls. The last three months has been one of those “sometimes.”

Within the last three months, my daughter gave birth to our first grandson, my 90-year old mother died, and my son got engaged… Some of the most significant milestones in life squeezed into such a small segment of time. Oh, and did I say Christmas is coming?

Christmas… The advent of Christmas causes those pinballs to spin even more. Traditions, plans, parties and  programs; trees, decorations, lights and candles; presents— thinking of presents, buying presents, wrapping presents, and giving presents. Into this flurry of activity an angel of the Lord comes and says, “Fear not…I bring you good news of great joy.”

News so big that it overshadows every other human experience in life…from the monumental to the mundane. News with the capacity of turning a road of self-destruction into a freeway of freedom. News of reverberating, resonating, resounding joy…

A Savior has been born to you.

Weary world, full of darkness, hopelessness and fear…A Savior has been born to you.

Faithful woman who’s discovered her husband’s unfaithfulness… A Savior has been born to you.

You who have just received a diagnosis of cancer… A Savior has been born to you.

Even you who think you are rich but are soon to discover your spiritual poverty… A Savior has been born to you.

“The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ.” That timeless message has a way of putting everything else in perspective. Nothing we face in life can diminish its power.

I don’t know your circumstances this Christmas season. Maybe you are enjoying a period of peace. Maybe, like me, you’re running for pinball wizard of the year. Wherever you are, I pray you will hear as if it was for the first time, the great news of resounding joy…

A Savior has been born to you.

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