What Are You Wearing?

wearing 1Colossians 3:12 “Therefore, as God’s chosen people holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

I just wore that. Those pants don’t fit. Wrong color.  Out of style. You don’t have to be a Fashionista to find yourself staring in the closet wondering what in the world you are going to wear for the day. But how about your spiritual wardrobe? Do you ever consider what you’re wearing on the inside?

Or that maybe it’s time for some new spiritual clothes?

I happen to know the greatest Fashion Designer in the world. In fact, he wears splendor and majesty and even wraps himself in a garment of light (Psalm 104:1-2). He’s able to see exactly what looks good on us. He wants us to try on some compassion and kindness, get fitted with some humility, gentleness and patience. But in order to make room for our new attire, we’ll have to get rid of some of the old clothes. Maybe we’ve worn those shabby grudges long enough anyway. And what about that ugly coat of self-righteousness? It never looked as good as we thought it did. Those dark glasses of criticalness will have to go, too. They keep us from seeing others in the same way we want to be seen. No place, either, for those gaudy beads of gossip and harshness.

The new clothes designed by our Maker are woven in love. Every stitch! Love binds everything together in a way that makes us as resplendent as a bride on her wedding day. With our new clothes comes a new confidence. The longer we wear them, the better they fit. Constant wearing doesn’t make them ragged, but more beautiful.

Make no mistake. People see our inward apparel more than we realize. They recognize whether or not we’re holding on to the tattered hand-me-downs of our fallen nature or whether we’re putting on the new stuff. More importantly, God knows. He has gone to great lengths to provide us with Designer clothing that far exceeds any fashioned by Yves Saint Laurent or Christian Dior.

Is it time for a wardrobe check in your life? Time to put on some new clothes? I pray that what you wear reflects the Lord’s handiwork. Who knows. Maybe some of the people around you might even want in on your secret.

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