It’s All About The Who


Psalm 62:11-12 “One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard: that you, O God, are strong, and that you, O Lord, are loving.”

A friend posed an interesting question the other day. How can I keep legitimate concerns from tuning into worry? Faced with an onslaught of physical as well as financial difficulties, it wasn’t hard to see where she was coming from. She didn’t want to be irresponsible, yet she faced the dilemma of how she could keep anxious thoughts from consuming her. Have you ever been there?

Paul says the road from anxiety to peace lies in bringing our concerns to God. But if we have not learned how to ask, I’m afraid it’s a road less taken. We may pray and petition, and do it all with thanksgiving, but ultimately, the how reflects our perception of who we’re asking. It’s all about the Who….

Do we believe we’re petitioning a God who loves us and encourages us to lay every single one of our burdens on him? Or do we view him as a distant Sovereign unconcerned about our daily griefs? Peace of mind comes with the assurance he is able to help. Peace of heart comes in knowing he is willing.

For believers, God’s compassion and power are not exactly a news flash. But many of us seem to lapse into a kind of spiritual amnesia when the struggles of life bear down. Are you really there God? Are you going to come through this time? Will I ever feel secure again? Haunting questions. Questions that only find resolve when we remember Who we’re entreating. The creator of all that exists has promised there is no difficulty we face that he cannot re-create into something good (Romans 8:28).

This strong loving God offers us a great exchange:

  • transcending peace for anxiousness
  • rest for sleeplessness
  • rhythmic calm for racing heartbeats
  • strength to do all things for weary worries.

Don’t miss that exchange. Remember Who it is that’s listening and get on that road to peace.

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