No We Can’t

26 Genesis 3:4-5 “‘You will not certainly die,’ the serpent said to the woman. “‘For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.'” 

Beware of deception.


No we can’t….Spend our money with reckless abandon and find financial security.

No we can’t…consume a diet of unhealthy media and not have weakened consciences.

No we can’t…make God in our own image and expect adequate help when trouble comes.

No we can’tignore our weaknesses and expect them not to affect our future. 

Despite political slogans and Hollywood fantasies, we can’t have it all. No more than Adam and Eve could. They were the first to be tricked into replacing No we can’t with Yes we can. The serpent promised that if they just listened to him and eat the forbidden fruit, they could do anything-even be “like God.” But it was a lie. 

We still fall prey to the same ruse. Then when reality smacks us in the face and reveals what we can’t do or can’t be,our dissatisfaction quadruples. And the echo of Mick Jagger’s infamous complaint fills our minds-we can’t get no satisfaction. No wonder! The bar is too high. Or not high enough. True lasting satisfaction will never come in this life, no matter how hard we try. 

Jesus teaches us that there are consequences for our behavior-whether good, bad or ugly. When his Word instructs us to avoid certain activities and put checks on our thought life, it serves a purpose. It protects us. It teaches us how to live in a real world. As author Eric Metaxas writes, “What ultimately sets us apart from [lab rats] is our ability to say ‘no’ to things we want to do, but maybe shouldn’t do.” 

So perhaps it’s a good time to question the source of our dissatisfactions. Are we being set-up by a culture high on promises but low on actual fulfillment? Let’s not be frustrated when the Holy Spirit closes a door. The lie of Yes we can is appealing because it’s what our fallen nature craves. But true contentment lies within the borders of truth, truth grounded in eternity, truth that recognizes there will be times we must say… 

No we can’t!


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