Where’s the Beef?


DSCI0697John 4:34 “’My food,’ said Jesus, ‘is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.’”

Nothing matters more than being in God’s will. It sustains. It nourishes. It satisfies.

I had spent the last few days writing at a cottage on Lake Erie, about seven hours from home.  Drinking in God’s word as well as the surrounding beauty was a pleasant “assignment” to say the least. All other responsibilities faded as I focused on the tasks at hand…. studying, writing, and attempting to put my thoughts together like the pieces of a puzzle.

Into this near-idyllic state entered a call from my husband reporting that he had taken my 87-year old mother to the emergency room. She was experiencing difficulty in her breathing, and it became apparent that she needed intervention. He had spent the whole day in the hospital with her as she underwent various tests, scans and x-rays. He had just returned home to call and tell me of the day’s events…

I wish I could paint a clear picture for you. As my husband was reporting the details of Mom’s situation, I sat on a bench next to the lake gazing at an incredibly beautiful sunset. My peaceful surroundings contrasted sharply with his hectic day. I began to feel more than a few qualms of guilt that I wasn’t there.

I began to apologize profusely when my husband stopped me. He assured me that he was doing exactly what God had planned for him that day. I could hear in his voice no frustration or weariness; I heard someone energized and satisfied, someone who sounded a lot like me. Both of us in very different situations, but both of us fulfilled as we embraced God’s will.

My plans did change. I went home earlier than intended to care for Mom. But it didn’t matter. I had “completed” one assignment and it was time for another. So whether we find ourselves in a place of solitude or in the noisiness of an ER, whether our plans go exactly as anticipated or are drastically altered, only one thing counts…

Are we choosing the food of His will?

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