On Rolling Stones

rollingMark 16:3 “and they asked each other, ‘Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?’”

When the women went to the grave to put spices on Jesus’ body, they had no idea of how they would do it. The huge stone covering the tomb was locked into place. Dislodging it would take far greater strength than their combined efforts. But driven by their passion for the Lord, they overcame any reluctance they may have had, determined to accomplish their task. Little did they know….there would be no need of help in moving the stone….there would be no need of the spices….there would be no body!

These devoted women would be the first in all of history to hear of Jesus’ resurrection. But what if they hadn’t gone because they couldn’t figure out a way to roll away the stone? What if they had decided to wait for stronger, better “equipped” hands? I’m not proposing that we never plan, that we fail to “get our ducks in line” when approaching a job. But I’m afraid that all too often, I’m hindered by the “stones.” If I can’t see how something is going to work, I can get stuck in my lack of understanding and consequently falter in my faith. I work so hard at trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together that I lose sight of the bigger picture.

Does that ever happen to you? Let me encourage you not to wait until you have all the answers before going forward with something you are called to do. When the options require either trusting God or waiting for obstacles to disappear—always trust.

Otherwise, you just might miss a miracle.




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