Photovoltaic Christians

solar_picture_1976_arrayJudges 5:31   “But may those who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.”

We recently installed solar panels on our farm. It has been amazing to see our electric meter actually move backward as the energy generated from the sun gets “credited” to our account. The solar panels work most effectively in direct sunlight, free from obstructions that could cause shade. The more sunlight, the greater the production of electricity.

It reminds me of the way God’s love works in us. The more we love Him, the stronger we become.  It necessitates that we let go of those parts of ourselves that would “shade” love….self-interests, judgmental attitudes, criticalness, unforgiveness. As long as those traits remain, the power in which we could be walking diminishes.

Yet all too often we find ourselves weak, failing to realize that perhaps our frail condition might be due to shadows we’ve allowed to block the light. So what if I hold on to this little grudge. It’s not hurting anyone. Who do they think they are? A little self-pity is warranted! There’s a reason scripture admonishes us to think on things that are “lovely, praiseworthy and pure.” It keeps life-depleting negativity from taking root, and produces an atmosphere where love can thrive.

I can’t think of a better day than today—right now— to reaffirm our love for God. As we make a conscious decision not to let anything in us obstruct the light of love, a three-fold phenomenon occurs. We find renewed strength for ourselves, the love streaming through us reflects on other people, and God is glorified (Matthew 5:16).

Want to have a “photovoltaic effect” this year? Commit to absorbing the love of God….



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