The Devil’s 3D’s: Distract, Discourage, Defeat

3DMark 13:37 “What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’”

One of my favorite images in all of Scripture is found in the second chapter of Habakkuk where the prophet says he will stand at his watch and station himself on the ramparts to wait for the Lord. I picture a man positioning himself on a rugged jutting ledge, peering over the tumultuous waters below. Undeterred by the elements, he remains at his post. At this point in Israel’s history the winds of cultural corruption and spiritual apostasy were howling, the rains of God’s wrath were pouring, but Habakkuk’s focus remains set until the answer comes.

I believe the lure to leave our post is one of the first lines of strategy Satan uses against believers. He distracts us in oh so many subtle ways: You’re really too tired to read the Word tonight. Take a break from church this week… God knows you deserve it! Worrying is actually more effective than prayer. A little distraction goes a long way…our mindset begins to shift and without even realizing why, discouragement moves in. Over my years in ministry, “weak” or “non-existent” has been the most common response when I’ve asked a discouraged Christian about his or her devotional life. Distractions in whatever form eventually lead to discouragement and discouragement to Satan’s ultimate goal: defeat.

But we don’t have to be ignorant of his schemes. This passage in Mark 13 admonishes us to “watch out” or “stay alert” in over seven instances. Although referring primarily to the end times, the relevancy of the warning cannot be ignored. Let me encourage you today. Stay at your post.  Don’t get ensnared by the devil’s 3-D’s.


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