meanwhileGenesis 37:36  “Meanwhile, the Midianites sold Joseph in Egypt to Potiphar, one of Pharoah’s officials, the captain of the guard.”

Jacob had just heard the news that his son, Joseph, had been killed and devoured by a wild animal. His other sons had presented him with Joseph’s distinctive robe (deceptively dipped in goat’s blood) to cover their dastardly deed of selling him to a traveling band of Midianites. Overcome with sorrow, Jacob put on sackcloth and grieved deeply, refusing “to be comforted,” declaring he would go to his grave in mourning….

Then comes the meanwhile. Unknown to Jacob, his son was alive, serving in Pharoah’s household. Unknown to Jacob, the foundation of a nation was being laid. Unknown to Jacob, before he took his last breath he would once again embrace his beloved son. Behind the scene, a force greater than the “seen” was at work to transform what was intended for harm into good.

Do you know that there are meanwhiles in your life? When the “seen” threatens to encroach on the “unseen” reality of faith, remember God always works a meanwhile to turn the tide. I recently read in a devotional, “The most sublime moments lie very close to the most painful situations” (Springs in the Valley). Our vision is limited and often distorted by the pain we experience. Whatever difficulty you may be facing today, resist the natural tendency to think that what you “see” is all there is.

Be assured that there is a meanwhile….

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